40 products that work SO well, they have tons of 5-star reviews

Most of the time, you buy a product online and you don’t expect a whole lot from it, aside from accomplishing its intended task. But every once it a while, something shows up on your doorstep that goes above and beyond, as is the case with these 40 highly reviewed products that habitually outperform expectations.

Chances are, you’ve seen a few of these products showing up on other best-of lists online, and that’s because they really do deserve their place on them. Case in point: this portable Bluetooth speaker that’s garnered nearly 25,000 five-star Amazon reviews. Not only does it offer impressive, full-bodied stereo sound, but it also offers an extra long 12 hours of play time. And since it’s water-resistant, it’s a great choice if you’re spending the day at the lake or hanging by a pool. You’ll find some newbies on here too, though, like a topical magnesium oil that helps relax muscles after grueling workouts (or a few hours spent on a tense work call) or a set of smart plugs that let you control appliances from an app on your phone.

If you haven’t been pleasantly surprised by a well performing product in awhile, you’re in for a treat. All these items are reviewer-approved and available with two-day free shipping on Amazon.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Going away for a few days? This home security camera syncs with an app, so you can get a live feed streamed directly to your phone. Even better, you can use the app to pan the camera and get a view of the entire room. A 12-second clip is recorded every time movement is detected, then stored on the cloud, so you can review it later.

Cut the cable and get your TV using the Amazon Fire Stick, so you can stream thousands of movies and TV episodes with just a click of the remote. It’s compatible with all major streaming services and access to shows and films on Amazon Prime is totally free. Plus, with Alexa functionality, you can use voice commands to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ideal for birdwatching, hunting, and hiking, these binoculars offer powerful 12x magnification and are equipped with low-light functionality, so you can keep using them when the sun starts going down. Adjustable eye cups accommodate anyone wearing glasses, and the binoculars fold up small, so you can stash them in your pack.

Small things make big differences, like these cord collars that protect your cables from fraying right where they bend the most. The flexible collars slide on easily and are suitable for most cords, including USB, micro-USB, and lightning cables. Each set comes with eight multi-collard collars.

If you’re dealing with calluses, dryness, or cracked heels, this heavy-duty foot cream is what you need to get them back in shape. It’s formulated with a big dose of allantoin — a unique moisturizer that penetrates rough layers of skin to deliver deep hydration. Put this on before bed and your feet will begin to transform within a few days.

A great investment in your health, this probiotic includes 12 strains and a time-release formula that gradually restores balance to your gut, working to support a healthy immune and digestive system, while also boosting mental and emotional health (yes, your gut is your second “brain”). It’s vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and free of common allergens like wheat, gluten, and nuts.

Thanks to this drain cleaner, there’s no more standing around wondering how much of the formula you can safely pour into the sink. It comes conveniently pre-measured in two doses and is strong enough to bust through hair, soap, paper, and and grease clogs. Use it in the shower or bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Skin application of magnesium is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of this miracle mineral that’s known to soothe sore muscles, relieve cramping, prevent migraines, reduce feelings of anxiety, and promote proper sleep. This magnesium oil is sourced from the Dead Sea, and Amazon reviewers swear by the results, with one writing that it “works wonders for muscle and nerve pain.”

A favorite of A-listers who regularly walk the red carpet, this Mario Badescu drying lotion is a foolproof way to banish blemishes once they break out. The cult favorite formula is made with a blend of oil-reducing zinc and salicylic acid, along with calamine to soothe redness and inflammation. Put on before bed, and wake up to a clearer complexion.

Keep your leftovers as fresh as the night you first cooked them up with these food storage lids that stretch to fit over bowls and containers. Crafted from BPA-free silicone, they’re heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and each pack comes with seven lids in different sizes.

If you’ve never tried a weighted blanket before, you’re going to want to go ahead and press “Add to Cart”. The weight helps stimulate dopamine and serotonin production, which can help relieve anxiety, promote sleepiness, and get you to drift off faster. It’s available in various weights — choose one that’s about 12% of your body weight.

This dual foot scrubbing bar features a pumice on one side to exfoliate and slough away dry skin and calluses, and on the other side is an emollient soap made with deeply moisturizing aloe, shea butter, and vitamin E. Use this regularly for feet that look and feel smooth — not rough.

With this mushroom-shaped drain protector, you can be sure no hair will go down the drain and cause clogs. Designed to fit all standard tub drains, it catches hair strands and wraps them around the center cylinder, while the perforations throughout allow water to freely flow through, so you won’t be standing in an inch of it while you shampoo.

A fan favorite with thousands of five-star Amazon reviews, this portable Bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly to any device and offers powerful studio quality stereo sound for up to 12 hours on just one charge. It’s IPX7 waterproof, so you can enjoy your music around the pool or at the beach, and the built-in noise cancelling on the mic means it’s great for calls too. Choose from nine colors.

Great for doing the dishes and cleaning up spills these reusable cloths are made from highly absorbent cellulose and cotton, and one six-pack can replace up to 90 rolls of paper towels. Perfect if you’re working your way toward a zero-waste household, they’re machine-washable and won’t scratch delicate surfaces or leave lint behind.

If you deal with headaches or migraines, you know how disruptive they can be, but this acupressure device may be able to provide some natural relief. By strategically placing the clip at the L14 acupressure point (between your thumb and forefinger), it’ll deliver therapeutic compression to relieve pain while also balancing energy and reducing tension.

Mold, mildew, and musty smells are common problems in homes of all ages, but this moisture absorber is an easy fix. Just pop the top and it’ll automatically attract and absorb excess dampness, leaving any room fresher and dryer. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “Significantly reduced the dampness in my bathroom, and it lasts so long! Much better than all other solutions we have tried. Got rid of a musty smell that had been plaguing us for months.”

It’s so tempting to just throw all your odds and ends in the trunk of your vehicle, only to open it when you’re loaded down with groceries and come face to face with a load of junk. This trunk organizer will whip that mess into order, thanks to the two big compartments for larger items and the mesh pockets along the sides for tools and accessories. Plus, the whole thing folds up flat when it’s time to put some suitcases in.

Clean your cast iron skillets and griddles safely with this cast iron scrubbing brush. The short bristles are firm enough to provide a good scrubbing, while the angled section lets you reach into corners and the scraper works off stuck-on foods. It’s an effective way to clean without soap, so your pan can retain that well earned seasoning.

Strong enough to hold up to 15 pounds without budging, these storage hooks are ideal for hanging keys, pictures, towels and more. They’ll mount on any smooth surface, including tile and mirrors, and since they’re transparent, they’re virtually invisible. Backed with adhesive, they also install easily and are easy to remove without damaging any surfaces.

Another (ahem) fan favorite, this compact but powerful fan has earned 17,000 five-star Amazon reviews. The three-speed fan circulates plenty of air to provide relief in any hot room, and the head pivots 90 degrees, so you can aim the airflow wherever you want it. But unlike other powerful fans, this has a small enough footprint to sit on your desk or coffee table.

If you enjoy listening to music, meditations, or podcasts while you drift off to sleep, this Bluetooth sleep mask is exactly what you need. The memory foam mask features built-in Bluetooth speakers, so you can listen to your playlist while blocking out light at the same time. Plus, the front of the mask has integrated volume and play/pause controls for easy operation.

Thanks to this shower foot scrubber mat, you can give overworked feet a massage while you suds up. The mat features hundreds of flexible silicone scrubbing bristles on the surface, along with non-slip suction cups on the bottom to keep it safely secured to the shower floor.

Collagen is an essential building block of so many of the body’s systems including the hair, nails, skin, and joints, and this collagen powder is an easy and effective way to get more of it. With 20 grams of collagen per serving, it’s flavorless and gluten-free, and dissolves into hot or cold liquids, like coffee, water, smoothies, and protein drinks.

We depend on our washing machines to keep our clothes clean, but — how clean are the washing machines themselves? (Cue doomsday music.) Run a load with one of washing machine tablets once a month to clean out residue and gunk and ensure that your clean load of laundry is actually clean.

Sitting out in the backyard doesn’t have to mean you spend all afternoon swatting bugs — hang these fly traps to attract any annoying pests, so you can enjoy the great outdoors. Proven to catch up to 20,000 bugs, all you have to do is add water to the bait inside to lure the flies.

Spending more time outside can mean mosquito bites and ants ruining your grilling game, but this bug control spray is designed to keep pests away for up to four weeks, even after rain. Just attach to any standard garden hose to easily distribute it across your yard, and it’ll fend off mosquitoes, ants, and fleas.

If you’re short on USB ports, you can use this USB hub to give you more plug-in space. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, it features four ports that can be individually turned on and off to efficiently maximize power, and the thin, compact size won’t take up unnecessary space on your desk.

Made with 100% silicone, these dish scrubbers dry faster than cellulose sponges, which means they won’t harbor germs or odor. They’re great at removing even the most stubborn baked-on messes, and they’ll scrub all your cookware safely and without damage. Each pack comes with three scrubbers.

Throw these wool dryer balls in with your next load, and they’ll help circulate air so the laundry gets done faster( which will, in turn, conserve energy and reduce your power bill). They also work to soften clothes and prevent wrinkles, which means you won’t have to stock up on dryer sheets the next time you go to the store.

This dish drying rack can be placed over your sink, so that all the water goes directly down the drain, but it’s also the perfect way to rinse fruits and vegetables when you don’t have a colander handy. And when you’re done using it, it conveniently rolls up for storage, so you can stash it under the sink.

If silver rings or necklaces are looking a little worse for the wear, you can effortlessly revive them with the help of this jewelry cleaner. It’s designed with a built-in basket, so you can leave your more tarnished pieces in the solution overnight, but — for more delicate gems and metals — you’ll just want to just dunk and gently scrub with a brush.

A crowd favorite on Amazon, this acupressure mat is a “bed of nails” you’ll actually want to lie down on. It’s outfitted with thousands of acu-points, and when you’re lying on them, they’ll work to promote circulation, decrease stress, support a good wake-sleep cycle, and relieve pain. One reviewer wrote, “I got this because I had a sore and tense neck and upper back and can’t afford regular massages. [...] . After a few minutes, it started to burn, but in a good way. I found myself closing my eyes and relaxing. When I got up, I could definitely feel the difference!”

Pet parents will love this highly rated compact hand vacuum that features a specialized rubber nozzle that removes cat and dog hair from upholstery with ease. It’s also great for use on carpet, hard surfaces, and stairs, and the 16-foot power cord gives you plenty of length to maneuver.

Yes, there’s a natural way to get out clothing stains and this stain remover stick proves it. Made with gentle ingredients like saponified coconut oil and lemon oil, it’s tough enough to remove anything from red wine to ink to grass stains. And reviewers swear by the results — one wrote, “Saved so many clothes that were headed to the trash.”

Control your coffee maker, fan, or living room lamp from anywhere in the world with these smart plugs that sync to a free app on your phone. Even better, you can use them to set schedules for those appliances, so you don’t have to remember to turn the lights off when you leave the house. And better (yet again), you can use Alexa or Google Home to voice control each one.

Do yourself a favor and buy these extra durable and long-lasting lightning cables made from heavy-duty braided nylon. Plus, at 10 feet long, you won’t have to be right up against the wall the next time you need to take a call while your phone’s charging. Each pack comes with three.

When it comes to maintaining drink temperature, this stainless steel water bottle outdoes the best of them. Triple-layered and vacuum-insulated, it keeps cold drinks chilled for up to 41 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 18. Plus, the copper layer prevents condensation. It’s available in three sizes and 16 colors, like onyx, blue suede, and the teakwood pictured here.

There’s a better way to drink cocktails, and it has to do with these ice molds that make extra big cubes and spheres. They melt less quickly than standard-sized cubes, which means your drinks stay chilled but don’t get watered down. And they’re made from flexible silicone, which makes it easy to pop the cubes out one at a time.

Keep your back happy — even when you’re spending long hours at your desk — with this lumbar pillow. Made from soft and supportive memory foam, it supports proper spinal alignment to prevent aches and muscle tightness, and the two elastic straps loop around your chair to keep it securely in place. “Saved my back,” wrote one reviewer.

Post time: Jul-22-2020