Alternating pressure mattress Ⅱ

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  • Product Name: Alternating Pressure Mattress Ⅱ
  • Model: YD-01B (air tube with defecation hole )
  • Action: Anti Decubitus
  • Capacity: 135kg
  • Air Pump: Standard
  • Color: Blue, Dark Green
  • Material Thickness: 0.35mm Medical Grade
  • Size: 200 x 90 cm, 190 x 90 cm
  • Power: AC120/220V 50Hz/ 60Hz
  • Air Output: 7-8L/min
  • Alternateing: 1 in 2
  • Noise: ≤45dB
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    Alternating pressure mattress Ⅱ
    6 superb qualities
    1)Polymer material
    Durable, skin-friendly
    2)Micro porous material
    Superb permeability. Cool & dry
    3)Double detachable pipes
    Alternating pressure by two detachable pipes
    4)Detachable airbag
    Independent detachable airbags
    Quiet & environmental friendly
    6)Quiet air pump
    Adjustable, no noise, energy saving

    This type is designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sore patient in hospital and domicillary therapies. The Air Alternating pressure mattress is easy for operation and particulary comfortable.

    PRODUCT NAME: Alternating Pressure Mattress Ⅱ
    MODEL: YD-01B (air tube with defecation hole )
    ACTION: Anti decubitus
    CAPACITY: 135kg
    AIR PUMP: Standard
    COLOR: blue, dark, green
    MATERIAL THICKNESS: 0.35mm medical grade
    SIZE: 200 X 90 cm, 190 x 90 cm
    VOLTAGE: AC120/220V 50Hz/ 60Hz
    AIR OUTPUT: 7-8L/min
    ALTERNATEING: 1 in 2

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