Drainage bag and Urine bag

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Method of use: 1. Open the package and take out the drainage bag.Close drainage valve at the lower end of the drainage bag.
2.Select the suitable connector to connect with the drainage pipe.

Product description:
This product is adapted with the central venous catheter, pigtail catheter and deep vein catheter, and is connected with the drain tube luer connector.
It is mainly used for Collecting and storing body fluid from pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, abdominal cavity,renal pelvis, ventricle, intrahapatic bile duct, etc.
It has both function of common drainage bag and urine bag.
It can be used for urine drainage collection, bladder irrigation and various body fluid drainage and collection.
The special one-way valve can effectively avoid the waste gas and liquid in the drainage bag when facing patient’s movement, improper placement of the drainage bag and the change of the pressure in the bladder. It is much safe to patient.

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