Dunaliella salina is the golden products to human healthy nowadays,as its composition is in accordance with the proportion of elements in body fluid and cell plasma, and can directly nourish cells and solve the problem of cell damage. More and more people all over the world use it and treat it as the first healthy protecting products.
Our partner—Inner Mongolia Lantai Industrial co., Ltd is famous for its rich of natural and high pure dunaliella salina in the world.
It is a large-scale industrial enterprise integrating salt, salt chemical industry, Dunaliella salina biopharmaceutical and breeding, and mineral resources development.
With high technology of producing, our Dunaliella salina products attract more and more buyers.
Our most popular products are: Dunaliella salina Algae, Blueberry and Taurine capsules, Good sleep Chewing tablets, Dunaliella Vitamin E soft capsules,